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While 4WomenOnly promises to be easy to use, this wasn’t the case. This program comes with an interface that’s cluttered and too colorful. As a result, 4WomenOnly isn’t simple to use and can be frustrating at times. There are too many options presented and too many icons to consider. Those who are not familiar with complex interfaces will have a hard time navigating this program.


Because of the tricky interface, 4WomenOnly is not simple to use. There is a Help file that can be read and followed, but this program really should be simpler. If you do have a few hours and you can spend some time going through the program, you might get some use out of the charting methods provided. Otherwise, trying to simplify cycles using this program will likely end up in aggravation.

Main Function

4WomenOnly was developed to help women chart monthly cycles. As any woman knows, charting these cycles is not always easy. But, this reviewer isn’t convinced that following the 4WomenOnly program will help the situation.

Extra Features

There are a lot of extra features included in this program. Features like bar charts, and the option to view cycles according to half year, year, and month are useful. Again, the interface gets in the way of these helpful features.


If you are desperate to chart your cycles, you may be tempted to give 4WomenOnly a try. However, I strongly recommend that you download the trial (limited) version of this program prior to purchasing it for $39.95.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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